The museum gallery interior showing title wall, movement points and some interactive exhibit items.
Interactive Museum Gallery

This second demo project for my new system for creating virtual experiences, VXfab, is a sandbox of different interaction methods in a museum gallery setting. A landscaped courtyard provides an introductory space, and the inner gallery contains a variety of displays to navigate around and interact with. 

This virtual exhibit is modeled in 3ds Max and rendered in real-time using Unreal Engine. Interactive elements and movement controls are programmed and scripted with a combination of C++ code and UE's built-in Blueprints scripting graph.

For streaming in the browser, the app is uploaded and configured on a remote server with virtualized GPUs, and streamed to client browsers as 1080p video. When downloaded and run locally, the app is packaged as a Windows installer or notarized Mac DMG.
The introduction sequence with exterior space for acontrol tutorial and basic information, and then inside the gallery to a description shown on a title wall.
An example of how wall-mounted exhibit items expand to multi-paneled slideshow viewers with external links and further reading in a window local to the client's screen.
A display case in the center of the gallery contains multiple objects, which can be viewed together or independently with supporting information in a pop-up window.
Interactive installations can use physics, and control lighting or movement in the space.
An interactive map shows points of interest on a 3D terrain, which open additional information in a pop-open window, including interactive satellite maps from the web.

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