Front view when first loading the virtual exhibit. Control instructions and a movement point are available to interact with.
A technical demo for my new system for creating immersive, interactive virtual experiences that render in real-time. This virtual exhibit shows a portfolio of my own work in a trade show setting, and demonstrates a few different ways of moving and interacting with displays in the environment.

This virtual exhibit is modeled in 3ds Max and rendered in real-time using Unreal Engine. Interactive elements and movement controls are programmed and scripted with a combination of C++ code and UE's built-in Blueprints scripting graph.

For streaming in the browser, the app is uploaded and configured on a remote server with virtualized GPUs, and streamed to client browsers as 1080p video. When downloaded and run locally, the app is packaged as a Windows installer or notarized Mac DMG.
Primary exhibit interactions include slideshows, a maquette viewer, and a physics-based water displacement visualizer.

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